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There are a couple important bits of information you need to be able to remember: your 4-digit code to disarm your system, and your verbal password for speaking with the monitoring station operators.  We keep this stuff handy so just give us a call and we’ll take it from there.

Whether an actual intruder causes the alarm ‘event’, or more often than not (thankfully) it has been caused unintentionally by the home owner, several things take place.

  1. Centra-larm will contact you.
  2. You receive an email, and/or text message.
  3. Your other people on your Call List may also be contacted.

You are always welcome to call us.  However, if you have caused a false alarm, we prefer you wait to call us until you have cancelled the alarm with Centra-larm operators.

Soon.  But you need to call us first.

No, not really.  Prices are already rock bottom.  So in that sense, the discounts are there before you have to ask.

However, some clients have fairly large homes and also choose to install many additional options such as smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, LP/natural gas detector, etc.. and do benefit by getting more done in less site visits (travel and labor are optimized).  We pass savings on when we can.

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NAPCO Security Panels use heavy duty components, full sized screw terminations, and strong over-current protection. This allows us to offer an extremely affordable Service Plan knowing we can have full confidence in the product.

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