Security Systems

What does security mean to you?

Hopefully its an insurance plan

 and not an after thought…

Basic Security System

Additional Devices Avaible
$ 399
  • Wireless Communicator
  • L.E.D. Style Keypad
  • (1) Motion Detector
  • (2) Door Contact
  • GSM Radio

Panic System

No Frills Security
$ 399
  • Wireless Panic Button
  • L.E.D. Style Keypad
  • Emergency Personnel Notified
  • No Cellphone Needed
  • No Landline Needed

Service Plan

See Details
$ 150
  • NO FEES for Repairs
  • Smartphone Access & Control
  • System Battery Upgrades
  • Annual Insurance Certificate
  • Priority Service

Have pets? No problem!

Some mass-produced alarm systems do not include in their design, due to cost, are Beam Detectors.  When you need to keep your pets at home while you are away, traditional motion detectors may cause false alarms with pets.  Ask us how to properly customize your system to accommodate your pets.

No need for phone lines!

As of January 2017, Mason Alarms will no longer support phone line communications and will begin transitioning existing client to improve systems of communications. 

More often than not, you can free yourself of that monthly landline bill and save money doing it.

Remote access anywhere!

Do you ever find yourself driving down the road wondering if you remembered to arm your system? Worry no longer. It is now easy to use your smartphone to remotely access your system features.  

Your phone becomes a virtual keypad for you.

So 'NO' to Monthly Fees!

We invoice our customers annually, unless you insist on monthly billing.  We save office overhead invoicing annually and we pass that savings directly to our clients.

Comparing ‘apples-to-apples’, our rates are lower than most other companies.

Mason Alarms preferred vendors...

Centra-larm Monitoring Center


Mason Alarms uses ONLY New Hampshire 3rd party monitoring services.  When everyone patronizes local providers as much as possible, New Hampshire citizens benefit in a big way.  We are lucky to use another family operated, and beautiful facility located right in New Hampshire.

Let me explain.

By maintaining a comprehensive and daily relationship with our monitoring center, we reduce human and machine error.  In this way, our clients realize much more control, dependability, and reliability during alarm events.  

“Thank You” to Centra-larm for serving NH homes and businesses.

Centra-larm Monitoring

994 Candia Road – Manchester NH


NAPCO is the manufacturer we choose for our security system components.  Their components are made with high quality materials.  Most importantly, they maintain a super-high level of technical support.  

Now renovating our new location …

315 Main Street 

Tilton NH 03276

See you at the grand opening!

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