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camera systems / property surveillance.

The marketplace is full of cameras.  And we think that’s a good thing.  We call them the Great Equalizer!  Finally after many years, cameras are both affordable and effective.  While any camera is better than no camera at all, when budget allows for it, we will optimize your investment with professional experience.

security systems / intrusion detection.

We understand the word ‘security’ to effectively mean several things. These can be your trusty dog,  floodlights, watchful neighbors and, of course, electronic security systems.  Your safety concerns should be holistic and pragmatic. Mason Alarms will partner with you to consider the options specific to your situation.  

perimeter systems / proximity deterrents.

 Camera systems are great and so are security systems.  But putting them together is the perfect combination! 

Installing EXTERIOR, or perimeter, sensors is yet another layer you may consider.  Start a conversation with Mason Alarms and let us answer your questions.

low voltage electrical services.

the many ways We Can Help You.

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Our clients expect personal attention from us at Mason Alarms. We don’t like to rush things when we are installing systems that protect people and their belongings.

We are serious about getting alarm systems done the right way for our clients.   Simple solutions first.  We believe simple solutions serve our clients the best.  Our team focuses on good, basic security systems without the fluff.

Partner / Strategist

kasie weyant

I’m a ‘Jill-of-all-Trades’, from deskwork to fieldwork and site estimating to end-user training.  Keeping Mason Alarms on-track and on-task is my challenge – and I accept!

Mason Alarms hired me during my last year at Merrimack Valley High School,  over 5 years ago.  Being a part of the growth in the security system industry has been rewarding and fun.

Partner / lead technician

peter mason

 I really enjoy offering practical security solutions to our friends, neighbors and local businesses. When I’m not on a ladder somewhere in town, you may find me walking my dog, Jasper, or visiting with my ever-growing gaggle of grandchildren. 

 From early on, I’ve been fascinated by gadgets. Electronic gizmos and how they can be used to improve our lives, have always intrigued me – which makes security the perfect fit!

Partner / virtual assistant

morgan bertrand

Data communications and low voltage cabling is in my blood like it or not.  My Father tells me I’ve been handing him tools since 6 years old.  Now, after all those years, I find myself teaching my own children the same work ethic I learned in the family business.

Mason Alarms uses my virtual assistant business, Indoitive, to improve their overall digital footprint locally in Central New Hampshire. 


barry alan

service technician

colt bertrand

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